@cogermanpy Y que con eso mi amor x olimpia no cambiará jamás es el amor de mi vida etendea. @stanleyburburin Stanley, eu realmente não acredito nisto! Acredito que Lula puxará votos para o PT no Congresso a… https://t.co/Q7d6rENI9a How Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program toys with the passions of fandom https://t.co/W8o089JDx9 If a toy from Toy Story died, the kids wouldn’t know, and the other toys would have to watch the kids play with their corpses. Click here to support Stanley Lynde Scholarship Shirt Sale #stanleystrong #livelikestanley organi... https://t.co/zlurOQI13l via @customink @KuzunohaTheIV “Well. It’s very much like rowing a boat, however performed on machinery.” lenger Caddebet 500TLCevrimsiz şekva endişelenmek radon safran I keep stressing about my future. Great reminder at the perfect timing. Allah knows best. It will all be fine Insya… https://t.co/FTfqePoa00 Justice Dems have taken over the political machinery in a few states already, surprisingly quickly leading to... https://t.co/bH1ILSCDHl I want to TRY and look into being certified in certain lab machinery. Naked men But he also has some sensational jerk off toys to love in https://t.co/ZSv66zLbVY An “ineffable quality” this 3-word title includes “the ability to go up in a hurtling piece of machinery” day after… https://t.co/tigtmkc2vV Japiro. Japiro olimpia. It is sad that people dont know how to plessure without dumb gadget toys. #YourNotARealBOY #Lmfao https://t.co/oGuIojqTXq I hoard all THE toys!!! (Mew) I can normally base how my day is going to go depending on the first songs that pop in my head once I’ve woken up.… https://t.co/37r81aSFj5 @jimtankersley the #deplorables will just call morgan stanley "liberal". Mi novio llega y me dice vamos a ver el partido de olimpia y por amor se aguanta nomas ya dije en mi mente 😅 Pero mute con la garroteada a la esposa del jugador de olimpia 👌 https://t.co/RysprmCQVv Greenmount dune complaint as sunbakers not warned about heavy machinery - Gold Coast Bulletin https://t.co/8lSI6kzjXK @Westerns_SQ Gue dari jaman future perfect continous gimana dong? Controlling allergens and contamination on food packaging machinery | Packaging Digest https://t.co/GGlSa2srao Megkezdődött a XXIII. téli olimpia pénteken a dél-koreai Phjongcshangban: a február 25-ig tartó játékokat... https://t.co/xbno4acTJJ não acredito que vim aqui na faculdade e a thammy gretchen tá aqui na secretaria Separate people and machinery! #Health & #safety #vehicle bays #workshops #workrooms #warehouses #customer & staff… https://t.co/AuXbKWMsfs who broke down crying in white gymnasiums naked and trembling before the machinery of other skeletons, There is no excellent machinery under late capitalism Nézzegessen képeket a pjongcsangi olimpia megnyitójáról https://t.co/IPNnV3KuiP Igramo se 😁😃🦖🚗 #funwithkids #toys #kids #hotweels #cars… https://t.co/09mBx8M6nE Meanwhile, in Philly all the machinery sounds squeaky af due to the lack of grease available Ezek voltak a téli olimpia megnyitójának leglátványosabb pillanatai https://t.co/k4tqKOsOdg Our Nursery children continue to develop and grow by always trying their best, sharing their toys being kind and he… https://t.co/uqowQFKX5c Elke #maand natuurlijk voer, #snacks en #toys #honden #doggy #zwaarleven #viervoeter #verwennen #kkl https://t.co/tU6YByZHrr @contraamarea Anticipo: Jugador de garnero iba a cobrar comision si pasaba olimpia @gretchenkrull Your one HELLUVA sexy character ACTRESS writer Gretchen dear! Owing to the extensive use of machinery, but cinnamon together well and add. The BJP should, however, know better than to be complacent. The CPI(M)’s formidable election machinery could prove… https://t.co/Jm2iavi8b9 @vifiolv @helo_coca250ml falou as duas q compete pra ver quem é a mais ladra de olimpia hahahhahahhahhhhh i always tried this and it never happened/#toystory https://t.co/ldvLxVItUU @KrizalidGhost gif de tulla luana, gretchen coisa forcada do carai @Wendys Hey you guys y'all need to step the kids meal up. I hate McDonald's my kids want that only for the toys and… https://t.co/sImgUCip4w There are great #gcdigital solutions happening but maybe updating our regulatory machinery could allow us to back i… https://t.co/AYvmp0TcXR Que paja compartir grupo con gente mayor que envía memes de cerro/olimpia sin gracia y mal hechos a machinery is a personage: edifying and virginal @kiddoGAMMZ @C_NyaKundiH @StandardKenya @KTNNews @KTNKenya I think myself that we have more machinery of government… https://t.co/K2z4ndpEIf I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor… https://t.co/3nGT9I0PCf La inchada de olimpia se merece un campeonato... @MarcoTrovatoV Click the link below to view our #innovative lifting and handling #machinery and #accessories .. If you have questi… https://t.co/Lj1gBmm51w @fbenitez98 Iba a pegar ver un partido entre Guaraní olimpia. Y bueno. Ahora vi los goles de junior.. la defensa de olimpia no tiene nada que envidiar a la de cerro, son pallas y caceres… https://t.co/Hrt1ykMn3f Megkezdődött a téli olimpia! Hajrá magyarok! https://t.co/7MJ7zJVDdj @citizentvkenya I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites livi… https://t.co/XeJxHWZ5zH I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor… https://t.co/SiYvw8Z2q1 @SomosCERRO Carlos Portillo tu club no se llana mas olimpia ahora se llama Dahiana , le comio Junior Also, I’m ready for Wednesday for the farm machinery show 🚜 @fadedbrice @ramosden_ Soon she's gonna find stealing other people's toys on the playground, won't make you many friends. Gracias por todo Otalvaro, dedícate a otra cosa que no sea en el fútbol , o por lo menos no en olimpia ... i got perfect scores on my CDC interview. future CEO in this bitch lemaradtam a hugom diplomaosztojarol, a teli olimpia megnyitojarol, es meg a vizsga sem sikerult. kotelen tancol bennem a feszultseg @joernchen @_argp You mean put toys and homeless into houses and shoot that into orbit? Kegalesia #GoOnger #GIU #girlinUniform #actionfigure #actionfigures #femme #toys #toyscollection… https://t.co/Ou6CTTRuRU Mir ist soooooooo langweilig in der heimat. Will einfach nur streamen jetzt 😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😡 I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor… https://t.co/LnqK86PwCj "https://t.co/qpfR6qBAma #toys #children #learncolorsgirl #learncolors #learncolorsforchildren #colors #funshowforchildren " Moulder says continuous investment in machinery and people is 'Formula' for success https://t.co/3RW6bhQc2r… https://t.co/6Eb63pSf3Z The toy one particularly; I’ll start playing with Dorothy’s toys and she’ll then start playing with some random non… https://t.co/T4lTcJQNyQ En el mata a mata tenes que estar Fino en todo sentido, olimpia no estuvo. No basta con hacer un buen partido en un… https://t.co/8oMX93RJNc @dani_califor como memes da gretchen são engraçados nossa meu deus GRAÇA DEMAIS @kiryuins gif de kpop, rupaul ou gretchen? Se for um desses 3 pode mandar matar @MikeStuchbery_ Quite so. Better watch out for the luddites smashing up the mill machinery too... Que bueno que olimpia no se eliminó en 3 era fase , se libraron de eliminarse también en la sudamericana como el añ… https://t.co/S9HtzoL2OW 15% OFF #sale #save #stanley #screwdriverset @amazon Stanley FMHT62052 6 Piece FatMax Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set… https://t.co/4eihgaXQfv Parang kailan lang kayo ni gretchen ho, ngayon tayo na! 😂 @clubcerro_1912 @_LaRojiblanca ni cerro porteño ni olimpia pudieron, a ambos los terminó eliminando mi junior… https://t.co/dgd1VYajOX Toei: Hey are you broke? Me: yeah Toei: Great. We have ten million new toys that you know you wanna buy se bts fizer tour no brasil e vier pra BRASÍLIA eu fico 1 semana com pack da gretchen https://t.co/srsPAoaGeu #cheetah cubs are not toys or pets. Wild animals are not meant to be status icons or decorations. #savethecheetah… https://t.co/BwrRaP6NiR This white stuff from the cottonwood trees reminds me of the stuffing I rip out of my toys!… https://t.co/VMgw9KOEpX Looking for toys 70's80's or 90's Old video games and systems Comic books movie tv show promo items anything... https://t.co/KlW2QwqrGM @caamano_william En otro contragolpe del mismo autor del gol de olimpia lo volvio a esperar. Piedrahita tampoco lo ayudo mucho. Qual a novidade? stanley, cambará, eu, entre vários, estamos denunciando este fato havia mais de três anos. Só agor… https://t.co/91uH9iacNb @pimoroni Where’s the big red button marked “DO NOT TOUCH” ? All machinery needs one of those. @GioXM Según tú,y por lo que leo, junior estaba jugando con el equipo de cebollitas de tu barrio,y no con olimpia,… https://t.co/WyMNBFrn5B La prensa Perdió olimpia, que hacemos ? - Compacto de las veces que Zubeldia pateo su botella de agua en el banco… https://t.co/Hvr4ojm5Wb -cuando la ida guaraní vs olimpia? - no señor se eliminó olimpia contra junior - ah, pero tienen la sudamericana… https://t.co/K8Vq5eWOF8 @WahlheimatRuhr Sah das in den 50igern wohl überall so aus? #Nostalgie #Heimat @PDuckenberg @Ninja That's a nice piece of machinery Happy Friday Facebook..The perfect way to end your week, stop by The Shores At Elders Pond and tour your future... https://t.co/txn3F2Prv9 @Ninja @codeine_piss That's a nice piece of machinery @stanleyclarkha1 @Amanece007 Stanley grow up. Leslie is held accountable for her crimes and she’s payed for it. Peo… https://t.co/ayiZiri3uE New post (Buy Discounted Products at Sedo-Amazom. WLtoys V911-pro V911-V2 RC Helicopter Four Set Accessories Bag… https://t.co/k9SrGwuZOn Another winter season morning in the Bakken! Lets set you up with machinery before the weekend! 406-272-3497… https://t.co/CLjV3ZKuns #porn Een anal gay toys I gave him a warning that: Een anal gay toys I gave him a warning that Gay Couple,Oral Sex,… https://t.co/iiRFcxhBmF 🚫 Este mensaje fue eliminado y olimpia también The machinery of partisan politics, and the overwhelming concern with protecting the image of the party and its pro… https://t.co/wv2Lemfi5J "Was sagtn eigentlich die Heimat zum Causa Schulz? Schulz war nie der richtige Unheimatsminister Click here to watch it: https://t.co/tbofovPbz4 Sultry Eva Lovia toys her pussy and assh... 👻Add me on snapchat: my… https://t.co/bVw3B3jQus Why did we buy all this VTech and FisherPrice stuff, when she just plays with dollar store cat toys... 🤔 #Parenthood #lifesquestions Hätten die Großheimatschützer mal jemanden gefragt, der sich mit dem Begriff auskennt. Leider ist "Bundes-..." nich… https://t.co/HOqishw4AR Some amazing machinery paving the way for a more efficient industry! 😱👏#construction https://t.co/uDxTl4jluU @michaeljsheen That was like my dream! You get to keep all the toys! @tata__gui Kkkkkkkkk ela falou que só gosta de thammy gretchen, amg. Muito rude 😞 Deixa pra próxima. Nós se esbarra nos broquin 🍻 @uncovertrades esse porn eh tao excitante "uhhmmm gretchen enfia o pe no meu pau" Were there bargains to be had in this haul of machinery? https://t.co/StDED6HQHI @BigBadBurrow @FraserNelson What has that got to do with the fact replacing humans with robots or machinery doesn’t… https://t.co/53y9sxwolX Will 'perfect', machine-made waves subvert surfing's soul? (Outline) https://t.co/uvuR9pADFu Phjongcshang 2018 - Megkezdődött a téli olimpia https://t.co/0Ko1zozNdy He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube (https://t.co/n1b2VqMtzd - elegant machinery - process). @thehill Give this coward, Trump, a 5 time deferment draft dodger, “cadet bones spurs” some GI Joe toys and a dicta… https://t.co/w41xHrpPuU @WVpolicywonk As citizens we pay personal property tax on equipment and machinery we own! Why should a business not… https://t.co/tCGDiwHOop Sos el unico que pone huevo en olimpia@Richard__26 Owing to the extensive use of machinery, but cook, stirring all the time. @BreitbartNews Now a days cotton isn’t picked by hand. We have machinery for that now. Dumb remark A junior se le dice dengue , le hizo doler hasta los huesitos a olimpia 🤣 não conhecem o stanley https://t.co/qb39BbzUVR Toot toot. A set of toys designed to drive the parent stupid enough to buy it passed the brink of insanity into ful… https://t.co/k1d2eMMUcg around, and the two along with scoot and stanley are her little oddball family. otherwise she spends her time danci… https://t.co/cVUFDojvHA @KikeEnciso @Juliosaza me pueden explicar porque perdio olimpia la eliminacion? @jagvocate Elevators do not help erode one's ability to operate machinery safely. Auto features prevent us from usi… https://t.co/AIsVZvHphu 登録者数55位 10:00PM配信 キッズ アニメ&おもちゃ Baby Doll mini mart cash register and surprise eggs toys #エンターテイメント #YouTube好きな人RT https://t.co/mkm3hItPc5 @IronBlock_io IronBlock is a global decentralized platform designed to optimize maintenance and machinery condition… https://t.co/6OiUweLhNx A chrysantemum, a delphinium, and a chrysantemum went into a bar. The bartender says why the machinery? The IronBlock project is a platform for the implementation of direct deals on buying / selling special machinery, w… https://t.co/QSTgmphf2O @Benru79 @patogrosopy Y lo de la 53# para ccp se basa en 53 eliminaciones seguidas... olimpia tiene 8 titulos Sehr guter Thread zu dem mit einem Bayern besetzten „BUNDESheimatministerium“. /ht @martinlindner (Mal Ehrlich,… https://t.co/mOhabTiSB5 Check out #Ferwood's latest machinery demo on the #Holzma HPP 510/43/43 Profiline NMC025 on our #YouTube channel.… https://t.co/8X7trAlHFY 🚫 _Este mensaje fue eliminado y olimpia también_ 人形の国 1/12 エスロー | Toys To Art via @toystoart https://t.co/hrcbS8Nn2d Que voludo lo de olimpia pensó que con el plantel campeón de guarani Ivan a ganar jajaja po bueno deja a nstro carg… https://t.co/AYBQWiCY6F Minister Masutha also said the regulations provides the legal machinery that enables the Deputy Chief Justice to ob… https://t.co/Ej4FuCMwUM @gretchenho Do you have the link Gretchen? Congrats @KZofficial 👏🏻 @D10py Hoy por hoy olimpia tiene que dejar de soñar con la cuarta o lo que sea. Con su fútbol mediocre ni el año 20… https://t.co/QiyiNNzy4u Megkezdődött a XXIII. téli olimpia. https://t.co/jVLP3B2vyF #FinancialFriday: Did you know? The first Philadelphia Mint used harnessed horses to drive the machinery that produ… https://t.co/SlYWSq1VZy Érdekel a téli olimpia? finally after 938292 times overusing this gif i watched the actual movie and i came to a conclusion: stanley kubric… https://t.co/mAnhXe92gQ @lovehayleyball minas e depois olimpia @jeslhr Jajajaja.. tranquilo parner el otro año será... pero por lo menos tienen suficiente equipo para el torneo local. No jugó mal olimpia #Durham: Framework Agreement for the Supply of Electrical Components Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and… https://t.co/4tE0eInSqi #Fibre2fashion Italian textile machinery orders surge in 2017 https://t.co/lzutc3DAsA For some machinery interest, it is available. voidjar #den-long-men #Android #iPad art https://t.co/dfE2zgc4xa #RT stanleyカワイイ散歩させたい珍しくなつくイヌ💙 #gonzen #hausberg von #sargans und #heimat von #bennoshop #Galaxy #computer #neu #belebt… https://t.co/Qoh0ZlBhRj Retweeted Stanley Burburinho (@stanleyburburin): Não consigo entender. Por que só a Câmara Brasil-EUA premia... https://t.co/XAtZbwJoex : The more the division of labor and the application of machinery extend, the more does competition extend among th… https://t.co/0YPiAUgxna @Jimmy_R7 @Goblin_Works Loved the truck, but surely that's not the "machinery green" you had in mind, is it? Come help me and the team @wexervirtual shape the future of #digital #fitness? This is the perfect time to get on b… https://t.co/89mVrSXglg não sou eu dizendo, é stanley kubrick cleaning out my old toys. mom: you don't want to keep any of your old dolls? me: nah, all I care about are my lotr figures Quedó bien en claro que los empresarios arman el equipo en olimpia.. no hay otra explicación.. somos la sucursal de los paquetes.. fotografado por stanley kubrick https://t.co/QdUGZtRQ25 "cute-woman-gretchen is now following you" ok tumblr... #Fibre2fashion Italian textile machinery orders surge in 2017 https://t.co/UxnqI4ah2g bir ülke nasıl kimliksizleştirilip, tüm iddiasından arındırılır onun örneğ: Almanya'da siyaset sahnesinde "heimat"… https://t.co/R0s0TiTnj1 @BelugaPay Great project, I believe that this project will be in demand in the future, now is the perfect time to t… https://t.co/6fM0rInqVC I think the toys are immortal https://t.co/TpW1AF0HZa Brunette teen enjoys toys when wanking home alone https://t.co/AorlUBNp8B teve até participação especial da gretchen masqporra é essa................ Odoo "Assets" module allows you to keep track of your assets like machinery, land and building. It allows you to ge… https://t.co/rv84YR4If0 Alfredsson guarantees, yes GUARANTEES a stanley cup?!?!? https://t.co/UuQ3iNjgMc Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube (https://t.co/wIUEyci1ag - How to get messy 🙉 messy time with toys 🤪crazy truck ride). “I have plenty of machinery around me; what I really need is a more enchanting world in which to live and work.” ―… https://t.co/9dvAWeKF7A @NAkufoAddo Mr president you are right she was indeed talented as has a bright future.May her soul rest in perfect peace Been up since 6:23am waiting on the twins 😍 Getting toys out & breakfast ready 😊 @bocajrsfr Junior ou olimpia c'est un peu kif-kif non ? #AuctionAlert – Lots include hand tools, air compressors, general shop equipment, #metalworking #machinery, office… https://t.co/Xk3V5GMf0M Like two little boys who are fighting over their toys. Trump is soooo envious of Kim Jong Un ! https://t.co/SlRUMAqN5Y "Teljesen vakon vágtak bele az olimpia megrendezésébe" https://t.co/kGWY4odao2 throws stuffed toys across the tl @benjimanc Your future wife is perfect lol @gonzalezzelada @gusdelpuerto A olimpia le falta un técnico como tiburón verdad @gonzalezzelada, si el era técnico… https://t.co/Afjg1cC4HF Kankakee IL USA - Production Workers Needed - Operate maintain and clean #manufacturing machinery and equipment Tro… https://t.co/8lK9DYzLuj El que coge animales ZOOFILO El que coge a olimpia TEOFILO @EnquetedFutebol @SomosCERRO @CCP1912oficial @elClubOlimpia Jajaja aqui y donde sea le hacemos 6 a 0 a olimpia jaja… https://t.co/cu3BqXOTH6 Wealth don't bring happiness, work don't bring happiness, relationships, toys, faith... The key to happiness is an… https://t.co/lDSxqvxvw2 safran (m) /サフラン/ サフラン #Redditch: Proposed Contract for the Supply of Desktop PCS Office and computing machinery, equipment and supplies e… https://t.co/OgxVzoTbia @arielinsfran83 @GriteloF @LaUnionAM800 @LuisEnriquePy Este es el q dijo q olimpia le iba a pasar por encima a guarani, es un payaso 🚫 _Este mensaje fue eliminado y olimpia también_ Tanta verdad en este comentario aún así vamos olimpia!!! https://t.co/nYtaVhD1FO All roads lead to Great Hall, University of Ghana. #YoungPeople come let's paint a perfect picture of the future we… https://t.co/y6DCdVfxwt Es un fracaso que duele , pero asi es el futbol , Olimpia esta obligado campeonar apertura y clausura . Estamos en las malas mi olimpia ❤ @gusdelpuerto No dejará de ser buen dt pero se equivocó y costo a olimpia 1 ingreso de 1.800.000 dolares en fase de… https://t.co/543ienM2n5 Elképesztő fotók a téli olimpia megnyitójáról! :) Hajrá magyarok! <3 https://t.co/YnLAP9DjoB @lcgambim Eu Tb queria o olimpia ontem para poder comprar logo a passagem é seria mais barato kkkk mas acho que em… https://t.co/gL7fYmK5DF @vitoriaisdead vc chego no meio da tese meu eu estava mostrando como contra atacar os lrdv q mete gif da gretchen @BreitbartNews Nobody does .They have farm machinery for that,and some have air conditioning. Government has made i… https://t.co/cNZjUIxUM3 @nvoscar @_castrulio @EnDaMo Jaaaa! Tenga -5 seguidores o 100 mil, olimpia (eliminado o no) sigue siendo mas grande que tu equipito virgen. Con esta violada que comió olimpia pio también clasifica a la Sudamericana como el año pasado? 🚫 Este mensaje fue eliminado y olimpia también Se burlan de la eliminación de olimpia y a ellos le elimino NACIONAL en la primera fecha 😂💁 IELTS: speaking part 2 Describe a perfect holiday you want to have in the future You should say Who you will... https://t.co/S1nKW1Pv3C Feeling sorry for myself with a bug lying on sofa with a blanket and the bloody dog keeps leaping on me with soggy stinking toys. Steel door and security door manufactory machinery factory, View machinery factory , NANJINGJICHUANG Product Det... https://t.co/3THlae9eYl @La12tuittera @JuniorClubSA @elClubOlimpia @ClubGuarani Menos mal que no paso olimpia Mining gives us one of the best 10-year revenue outlooks in industrials #Mining #upcycle #industrials #machinery… https://t.co/oL288DNss9 NEW: Looking to SAVE some money on some toys and clothes this year? Check out a number of children's consignment sa… https://t.co/0YZLhBgBlB Todos vivimos días difíciles, para los del olimpia es hoy ese día @quietsheets imagine me: in a pile of stuffed toys yelling and biting at them. and also me, snoring really loudly. @diariocronicapy Ojeoikamao... como olimpia. Jajaja. Quien te obliga a comer putos? Famoooooso luego del jepilla.